I can say, without a doubt, that I would not be where I am in my career without Ric. Each job in musical theater that I have had has been with his coaching and tools. I have been with him for six years now and recommend him to anybody and everybody looking for a voice trainer. He has been instrumental to my success on Broadway and beyond.

Melanie Moore

Broadway: Hello Dolly, Fiddler On The Roof, Finding Neverland. So You Think You Can Dance Winner
Having been a student of Ric's and currently a teacher myself, I can honestly say he understands how to meet a student where they are, and that is everything. He takes your natural voice and makes it better. He tries several techniques until he lands on the one that works for you. So,  you're always exploring different ways in and it never gets boring!

Randy Graff

Broadway: City Of Angels (Tony Award), Les Miserables (original Fantine), Fiddler, Moon Over Buffalo. Faculty: The New School, Manhattan School of Music
For the past seven years, Ric has helped me solidify sustainable technique, explore new parts of my voice, and prepare for any endeavor I am taking on at the moment. Ric understands the importance of versatility in this business and I know I can come to him with just about any style, and together we will come to the most healthy and “me” way of tackling each style. On a personal note, Ric is supportive, caring, and understanding—having worked in the business himself. I always feel that I can come to him for advice on just about any aspect of the biz. He is also constantly learning and gathering, making his teachings constantly evolving and being updated to best serve his students. I always come out of a session feeling motivated, prepared, and hopeful. Basically, Ric is the best!

Christine Cornish Smith

Broadway original casts: Cats, My Fair Lady, Kiss Me Kate
When I first moved to the city and was wanting to move into theater seriously, I was referred to Ric by a friend. To make a long story short...Ric has given me the training and the tools from the ground up. He has a heavy focus on technique and knows exactly how to tap into my dancer brain to help me understand. I have been working consistently on Broadway and TV/film for the last five years, a big part due to the contributions this man has made to my training and I would recommend him to any artist wanting to grow their vocal abilities. (Doesn't hurt that he’s also a wonderful human!)

Ricky Ubeda

SYTYCD Season 11 Winner. Broadway: On The Town, Cats, Carousel and West Side Story original companies. Film: Steven Spielberg’s upcoming West Side Story
I love Ric, and that is an understatement. I was referred to him when I was in serious vocal trouble. I am a professional singer and was confronted with the scary reality that one of my vocal chords had a polyp and the other had been hemorrhaging. Not only did Ric tell me with utmost confidence and care that he could help get my voice back to a healthy state he did. I tour, and gig extensively. I have never known my voice better. And can honestly say it’s in the best shape it has ever been in.

Liza Colby

The Liza Colby Sound
Ric is extraordinarily gifted as a voice teacher. With his blend of vast knowledge, sensitivity, instinct, compassion & humor he is able to connect with his students in a very unique way. His singers consistently come away from their lessons stronger and more confident singers. Anyone wanting to improve their craft should study with him. He is one of the best!

Dev Janki

Director/Choreographer, Director of Musical Theatre Division/Stella Adler Conservatory
I met Ric right before I booked the first national tour of Beautiful The Carole King Musical. At that point, I had never done an eight show week in my life. Ric got me in vocal shape to use my whole voice and sustain not just throughout a show, but throughout the week, the month, the year! So much so that eventually I was asked to join the Broadway company. He helped me access parts of my voice that I didn’t know were there. I did not even know what a “mix” was until I started working with him. I make sure I get in to see Ric before any audition that I care about or any audition that I can ALMOST sing. If it’s a song that’s challenging for me, Ric and I tag-team and tackle a song sometimes note by note if that’s what it takes for me to figure out placement. And I walk out of his studio with confidence. Grateful to have him as a part of my tribe.

Salisha Thomas

Broadway and Nat’l Tour: Beautiful, The Carole King Musical
Ric’s work with our students at Stella Adler has been visibly, audibly effective. He has an innate sense of what specifically works for each student’s voice and physical presence to elicit the healthiest, sturdiest, and most reusable sound possible. Not only do many of our students continue to study with him privately, he is also my go-to guide for anyone looking for vocal health in musical theatre. He cares deeply and gets good results - always.

Peter Flynn

Director, Associate Professor of Musical Theatre, Montclair State University
I was recommended to Ric Ryder by my acting coach, Randy Graff, who told me of Ric’s Broadway career and excellence as a voice teacher, especially for me, as he has a similar voice type to mine. After one lesson it became clear that he was a perfect fit for my needs. First he corrected the basics (breathing, placement, warm-ups, etc.) and then we addressed the specifics of my voice. He also taught me how to overcome the vocal challenges when my voice is tired or hoarse. Ric takes great pride in his students’ accomplishments, attending performances and posting encouragement on social media. Of course, he’s a wonderful singer himself and inspires me every time he demonstrates what he’s teaching. I feel blessed to have come to New York to pursue my dreams of being cast on Broadway, which has just happened this very week, in great part because of Ric’s guidance and skill.

Pascal Pastrana

Broadway: Mean Girls, St Louis Muny, Pioneer Theater Company
I was recommended to Ric Ryder by my acting coach, Randy Graff, who told me of Ric’s Broadway career and excellence as a voice teacher, especially for me, as he has a similar voice type to mine. After one lesson it became clear that he was a perfect fit for my needs. First he corrected the basics (breathing, placement, warm-ups, etc.) and then we addressed the specifics of my voice. He also taught me how to overcome the vocal challenges when my voice is tired or hoarse. Ric takes great pride in his students’ accomplishments, attending performances and posting encouragement on social media. Of course, he’s a wonderful singer himself and inspires me every time he demonstrates what he’s teaching. I feel blessed to have come to New York to pursue my dreams of being cast on Broadway, which has just happened this very week, in great part because of Ric’s guidance and skill.

Amber Barbee Pickens

Broadway: Paramour
After suffering a vocal injury last year, my ENT recommended Ric to help realign and rebuild my voice. It has been a long road, but I am eternally grateful to Ric for his guidance, encouragement and expertise in helping me regain and improve my voice.

John Smith

Metropolitan Opera Chorus Tenor
Our performers loved working with Ric! Many continued, and continue, to work with him once they return to, and move to, New York City. When we first began offering vocal coaching, many dancers were nervous about singing. With Ric, they immediately relaxed, felt confident in his guidance, and began seeking him out for any extra moments possible; which he always obliged. Plus he’s a thoughtful and caring as a person and touches your heart when he sings.

JR Glover

Director of Education, School at Jacobs Pillow
Ric is amazing. He has helped me access so much ease and joy in my singing. Countless times I've brought in a challenging piece to my lesson, and after one listen, he offers several ways to sing it healthier and sound even better while doing it. I always leave inspired, confident, and excited to put what I've learned into practice, and I can't even count how many times he's eased my mind prior to an important audition. Both my belt and legit voice have grown tremendously under his ear, and I'm grateful to work with such a wonderful teacher.

Elysia Jordan

National tour: School of Rock
Ric’s unique perspective and firsthand knowledge of the male voice allows him to relate to what my voice is going through as a teenage boy. His understanding of vocal technique coupled with having been in the same position as me, allowed me to learn about my voice and improve it in a way that works for me! Ric has taught me how to strengthen my changing voice, especially my falsetto, and works with me to minimize vocal strain and allow me to have a more natural sound while singing! I’m incredibly thankful for Ric’s lessons and will continue to take from him!

Patrick Higgins

Baby John in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming West Side Story
Growing up as a dancer with little/ to no vocal experience, I was quite overwhelmed after graduating from the Pace University Commercial Dance program wondering how I could play catch up with all the other musical theatre performers in New York. I was referred to train with Ric Ryder, and I thank my lucky stars I did. Ric is a guru, he goes above and beyond to make sure you know how to physically and mentally sing. He goes so in depth as to help us understand how the anatomy of the body effects our singing. He tailors each lesson to your voice and what you need. He not only concentrates on the sound of the voice, but the health of the voice, going the extra mile to help me develop a stronger, clearer, sound. After a year of working weekly with Ric I booked my first Broadway Tour and understudied/took over a principal role. Ric cares so much about the journey and success of his students, and it’s so special to know he really pushes you to the top. I tell everyone I know to train with him!”

Olivia Cece

National Tour: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I came to NY feeling less than confident in my singing skills. I was getting beat out by the voice higher or more trained than mine. Since working with Ric I’ve gained range, tone, and most importantly confidence. I now feel like I can walk into any room and sound like myself, feel like myself, and give a strong consistent performance in any song style.

Jonah Robinson

CT Christmas Carol @ Goodspeed West Side Story 2 6th Street Playhouse
When I began searching for a voice specialist to further my student’s education as we launched our new program in NYC for Belmont University musical theatre majors, Ric’s name came up multiple times as the man for the job. I immediately met him and sat in on a lesson; this lesson gave me the confidence I needed to trust these students in Ric’s expert hands. He has been instrumental in helping us launch our Belmont USA study program which allows musical theatre majors to study voice, among other things, their 2nd semester junior year in New York.

Nancy Allen

Coordinator of Musical Theater, Belmont University
I have studied with Ric for about a year, and he has really helped me navigate my passagio and upper registers in my mix, especially on my troublesome vowels. I’m more relaxed, natural, and at ease in my audition pieces, and his guidance has helped me get a few final callbacks for some great broadway contracts this year!

Brian Klimowski

Anything Goes @ Lancasater Opera House, Victory Train @ Amas
Ric Ryder is an even better voice teacher than he is a singer, and that’s saying a great deal. I wouldn’t think of sending students to anyone else. He’s even my go to for when I need a brush-up myself!

David Cady

Casting Director/Musical Theater Teacher, AMDA; Manhattan School of Music
After studying with several teachers I'm glad I found Ric. He's helped me get to a place of openness and ease that has been eluding me for a long while. Never has my voice felt so open!

Peter Maness

Musician/singer, Peter and the Master Keys
I came to Ric at the beginning of 2019 and asked him to teach me how to belt. Since then he has added and entire wing onto my voice that I didn't know was possible. When I started with Ric I was a typical high soprano with a loud mix, no sustainable or controlled belt, and little to no contemporary music sensibility. In less than a year Ric has given me a belt that is controlled and healthy, taught me contemporary sensibility, made me truly competitive in contemporary music theatre and still managed to keep all of my high notes sounding great. Not only is he an excellent technician, but he is also an amazing coach. To have a teacher who can truly do both is almost impossible to find, but when you do it changes everything. Lastly, Ric creates a safe environment. When learning a new skill you are going to fail sometimes. Ric creates a space where you feel safe to crash and burn on your journey to your best voice. I am so grateful to have Ric as my teacher. He has truly changed everything.

Lucy Anders

National tour: Something Rotten, Grease @ Pioneer
Ric has such a deep knowledge of vocal technique and performance, and he is so skilled at communicating his knowledge so that the student can understand, incorporate, and flourish. He’s a wonderful teacher and person! I’m grateful for all that I continue to learn from him!

Franca Vercelloni

Singer/Pianist @ Marie’s Crisis, Buddy Holly Story @ The Engeman Theatre
I’ve known Ric as stand-out tenor/performer and friend for many years. When I retuned to NYC to potentially perform again, it was Ric who I trusted with my voice. His care and knowledge of the voice AND the respect and knowledge he has in the business are a rare quality in a voice teacher. Equally, he understands the dancer who sings and how to build and protect their voice to last a lifetime in the business. That’s why Ric is a “go to” for so many stand-out Broadway talents, and those dreaming to make it one day. As a teacher of many talented dancers, I always recommend Ric to teach my students. He makes an immediate impression on all those who study with him and his results are unmatched.

John Leggio

Actor on Broadway/National tours; Cats, Showboat, My Fair Lady, Joseph. Dance Faculty; Marymount Manhattan, Joffrey School, Montclair State, Broadway Dance
Ric is pure magic! My favorite part about studying with Ric is that he doesn’t use “one size fits all” vocal technique- he pays attention to you as a singer and professional and tailors your lessons to work on your personal goals. After a contract, I came back to Ric with a vocal injury and not only was he essential to my healing as a singer, but worked together with my speech therapist to implement the techniques for my speaking voice as well. And best of all, he is your #1 cheerleader and so incredibly supportive!

Bailey Purvis

Jersey Boys @ Ogunquit, Beehive @ Riverside
Ric was my first voice teacher in NYC, and he has helped me grow so much as a performer. Ric has equipped me with amazing vocal warmups and techniques that I use every day before shows. Ric has made me a more confident vocalist. He has also suggested great repertoire songs that fit my style and voice perfectly. He is experienced and has great knowledge of the business, and how to succeed within it!

Hannah Zieser

Hannah Zieser (Aida Cruise Line lead vocalist)
Working with Ric absolutely changed my life! Ric creates a safe space for you to explore your instrument and to start to understand all of the baggage that we attach to our voices. He's incredibly knowledgeable about the physical voice and its connection to the body, and very perceptive about your particular quirks, places of tension, blocks, etc. Because he was able to hear where I struggled in my voice, and intuit the best exercises to work through each of these trouble-spots, I was able to unlock parts of my voice that I had never heard before. I experienced vocal nodes and worked with Ric while also in speech therapy. He was very knowledgeable about my injury and we found healthy ways to strengthen my voice and help heal it/get my flexibility back that complimented my work in therapy. Now I am working as a singer songwriter in a band, I have toured the West Coast, and my voice is healthier than ever. I can't say enough about how much my voice grew in our work together! I think he is one of the best vocal coaches in the city, and a pleasure to work with.

Carli Naff

Carli and the Dark
I have been taking from Ric for almost 5 years, and he is a large part of why I have had success in musical theatre. He has taught me how to access parts of my voice that I did not know were possible. Ric is always brings his passion for the voice to the lesson, and has always made sure that I can hear and understand His vocal suggestions. I leave every lesson a more practiced and learned vocal student. His teaching, career guidance, and personality are the best parts of my week!

Josh R McLemore

Grease and Buddy Holly Story at Beef and Boards
Working with Ric was the highlight of my semester studying in NYC! Ric's attention to detail and dedication to my improvement helped me better understand and fully utilize my voice. Throughout the semester, we spent time preparing for my university's showcase - an opportunity to perform for industry professionals in the hopes of gaining agent representation. Ric's training, tactics, and insight helped me achieve just that - I signed with an agent soon after my showcase!

Peri Barnhill

Belmont University Musical Theater Class of 2019
I came to Ric as a student after a long hiatus from the business, having previously known him as a meticulous, hardworking, and tremendously talented performer. I was pleased to find those characteristics in his teaching methods as well. Ric gently and persistently coached me through the vocal problems I was having, recommending other professionals that could help as well. Ric is a consistently supportive and positive teacher. He pushes you to your best, seemingly without pushing at all! I have and will continue to recommend Ric to singers of all levels.

Deirdre O’Neil

Broadway: Grease!, TV; Suddenly Susan, Veronica’s Closet
Ric Ryder has truly transformed and quite frankly saved my voice. During one of our lessons he heard something off with my voice that I didn’t hear myself. He immediately sent me to the ENT where we discovered a polyp on my vocal chords. Because Ric caught it early, I was able to go through voice therapy and heal my voice before permanent damage was done.

Jamie Dillon

Assistants, the musical @ Players Theatre NYC
I have been working with Ric consistently for over 2 years and I can’t even begin to explain how much of a difference he has made in my singing! As someone who considered herself a dancer first, Ric has not only taught me proper singing techniques, but he has increased my range and made me more confident as a singer overall. He’s also helped me build my vocal book and chosen songs for me that were perfect for any audition. Since working with him, not only do I walk into audition rooms more confidently as a singer, but I have booked jobs as a vocalist including being a singer in “Almost Angels” in Atlantic City, NJ. I am proud to be Ric’s student and couldn’t recommend him more!

Maci Arms


I help performers land roles on Broadway, survive eight-show weeks, and endure one-night-only pop tours.